GTWeb is a web development services company for small businesses.

The GT in GTWeb is my initials, Gary Thomas.

I have been a web developer for around 5 years and in that time I have worked with a lot of clients on a lot of big and small projects. I decided in 2018 to start offering my services with my own company GTWeb. It is my goal to help small and medium-size businesses get online.

Above all my main mission with GTWeb is to help my clients grow their online businesses.


gtweb, Web Development Services for Small Business, about us


GTWeb was set up for one purpose, to offer web development services for business. We were also set up to make our clients lifes easier. Running a company is hard enough without having to learn a new skill i.e web development.
I started developing websites around 5 years ago. In that time I have worked on countless numbers of websites in all sorts of industries.

I am concentrating my efforts on helping small and also medium-size companies. It took me around 3 years to get good at websites. For the past 2 years, I have been working on both web development and SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is the key to ranking high in Google.

Clients who have signed up to our web hosting packages get access to an online shop. In this shop are items the clients can buy to improve SEO also in the shop is our ticketing system demonstrated in the video below.


Web Development Services for Small Business

We specialise in building websites for small businesses. If you are a plumber, carpenter, florist, dog walker or anything else!. We design the site either just how you want it or we will design it based on what is the best in your niche. Send us a message we could really help you increase your revenue and possibly find new areas to market too.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

First of all, we can set up your onsite SEO, run a keyword analysis, competitors analysis and backlink profile. We can also manage and optimise your paid ad campaigns from Facebook & Google. Furthermore than all of those services we can create content for your particular niche on a one-off or regular basis. Content is what the internet was made for so have great content and lots of it!.

Website Design Packages

We have a number of packages for web development and design. Each one of these packages gets you a website exactly the way you like it. You can draw us a sketch and let us know exactly what you want the website to look like. When using our website design services we make it as easy as possible for you to get the website you want.

Website Management for Small Business

Our web development services for small business gives our clients more time. Owners of small businesses have a lot of things to juggle. A website should not be one of them. We handle everything to do with the website. Let us concentrate on everything that is involved with maintaining and managing a website.

Web Development Services for Small Business


gtweb, Web Development Services for Small Business, about us

We Make It Easy

At GTWeb we take things one step at a time. My clients have an amazing experience when using our system to host their website. They do not have anything technical to learn at all. If you can send us an email or pick up the phone then you can get a website created.

gtweb, Web Development Services for Small Business, about us

5 star reviews

Check out our amazing 5-star reviews. We received these reviews from our clients and we would love to get more. Please send us a message either on this website or on social media and we can get the ball rolling.

gtweb, Web Development Services for Small Business, about us

1 on 1 support

When you contact us you will be speaking to the same person that built your website. No need for account numbers, we know our clients and we know their websites inside out. Problems get solved quicker and also new additions can get done with ease.

VIDEO: Our Web Development Services

Have a look at the video below to see what it looks like when you are a customer of GTWeb. Once you are signed up for one of our websites you get access to payments and billing and an online shop. This shop is the website it has add-ons and also SEO packages.

As well as the above you also get access to our ticketing system this system is how you tell us that you need work done on the site. Fill out the ticket and send it off. You get email updates when the work is in progress and when it is complete.