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The Scope is a website for a graphics design and animation company. The client came to us with a problem, they had an existing website that they loved the look of but found really hard to update. The the website itself was running on a really sluggish and slow platform which was really hard to use.

The client already knew that WordPress is a fantastic platform to run a website so they asked me to replicate exactly what they had in the more user friendly and superior WordPress platform.

Fully Responsive Design


1 Week Build Time


Huge Monthly Traffic Volume


Visually Stunning Site.


Really Easy To Use & User Friendly.



This website would be great really as a general information website for anything from food recipes to a list of plants to grow in the winter really possibilities are endless.


The client was really wanting to make life easier for the office colleague to edit the page , they found it far too complicated and slow to change any bit of the site. Now with WordPress it is a few clicks and things get done without any hassle. If you would like to know more about WordPress please visit here





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