Why Infographics are Important in SEO?

Why Every SEO Strategy Needs Infographics Your website should have an SEO strategy that is based around creating content that solves problems for your readers. Text based content is essential for your website, but as 75% of the population are visual learners, a text only SEO strategy is not a great idea.  Creating graphical content … Read more

The Digital Universe of Opportunities: The increasing value of Data and Emerging technologies

Data Growth and Business Opportunities with today’s Digital Transformation We are living in an ever expanding physical and digital universe. With the growth in digital transformation and data, there are tremendous opportunities. The digital universe encompasses an ever-increasing population, from early days of computers to now IoT devices found in every household item and even … Read more

Website Maintenance

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Website Maintenance our service for this essential part of your online business.What is Website Maintenance ? Website maintenance is the process of maintaining your website to optimal levels. The process of website maintenance is to regularly check your website for issues. Website maintenance ensures that all website software packages and technologies are updated and relevant. … Read more

SEO for Small Business + TOP 10 FREE tools for Small Business SEO – GTWEB

What is SEO for small business? SEO for small business is the act of optimising a business website to rank higher in google. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the act of optimising the content on your website to rank higher on search engines. There are actually two types of SEO, organic and … Read more