CASE STUDY: Intersected Advisors

Client Name:

Intersected Advisors

Website Type:

Company Website

The Scope

Intersected Advisors came to us with a really easy concept for us to implement. The client was excellent to work with as they knew exactly what they wanted. Scope for the client was a basic 4 page website with a newsletter mailing list collector.

Fully Responsive Design


1 Week Build Time


Mailing list Subscriptions


Clean Design.


Really Easy To Use & User Friendly.


The client could not be happier with the website and how easy it is to use and monitor. is a really clean and responsive website that is fast loading and looks great. We think this website would be great for someone who doesn't have the time to be updating content all day but needs a website for promotional purposes. If you would like to know more about WordPress please visit here




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