CMS Website Development

CMS Website Development

Web development using CMS systems


What is CMS ?


CMS stands for content management system. CMS systems manage a websites content everything from blog posts to images and videos.

These system manage content in a user friendly way which makes the website easy to use.

No coding knowledge is required to operate a CMS system and by far the most widely used CMS website development system is WordPress. Learn What is WordPress on our previous post.


What CMS system is best in 2018 ?


Without a doubt the number 1 CMS system is WordPress , we love it and more importantly Google Loves it.

The user interface for WordPress is the easiest to use interface of all the CMS website development systems.

For customers of GTWeb we teach our clients how to use the website and we are confident that everyone can learn to use at least some parts of WordPress, the stuff you cant do we take care of.

We use WordPress on all of our websites and we are not alone , over 32% of the internet is ran on WordPress, that means almost 1/3 of all websites running out there use WordPress. Source


CMS Website Development, how do we start ?


Like all our websites we start with an email to [email protected] , get the ball rolling and tell us what you want and what you need on the website.

If you are looking for a one page website design then checkout our previous post.

If you are want to know all the costs involved please see our website development costs page.


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