Our Content Marketing Service will grow your website traffic organically through finding, producing, promoting and updating content that is relevant to your niche.

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    See how we increase page views by over 500% !


    Organic Keywords
    Organic Keywords lets Google understand exactly what niche you are in. The more organic keywords you have on a website the more keywords you will rank for.
    Monthly Visitors
    Having increase Organic Keywords will increase the amount of eyes on your business every month.
    Domain Authority (DA)
    Each website has a domain authority score. This score tells Google where to rank websites on their listing. High DA websites will rank higher than lower DA websites.
    Backlinks are other websites that link back to your website. An increase in backlinks to your website increases your DA which ranks your whole website higher.

    Content Marketing Services for SEO, increased traffic and Google Rankings

    What is content marketing service?

    A content marketing service is a process of researching, producing, promoting and updating content. Content marketing helps to rank websites higher on Google through organic search.

    What is organic search?

    Organic search refers to the results on a search engine that appear first and are not paid ads. These pages rank organically. This is because of their relevancy, user experience, backlink profile and domain authority of the url hosting the page.

    Benefits of content marketing services?

    With content marketing services, each piece of content is an asset. Over-time, each piece of content becomes a traffic generating asset for your website. These assets can be text based such as blog posts, how to guides or image based such as infographics.

    Maximize your digital marketing ROI

    Content marketing provides the highest ROI of any digital marketing method. This is because content marketing grows organically. Each asset grows traffic over time. Paid advertising traffic stops as soon as you stop paying for the ads.

    Expand the reach of your website

    A content marketing service can be a great tool to reach out to new target audiences. If you produce an amazing piece of content, people from your target audience will look at it. You will then have eyes on your website, products and/or services.

    Improve Brand Awareness

    When you improve your websites reach, the awareness of your brand improves. We work to build your brand in a way that also elevates your websites domain authority. A higher domain authority is a ranking factor for Google. Domain authority is a determining factor on where your website ranks on the search page.

    Grow your business

    Content marketing, done right, grows your business month on month and year-on-year. Growing your website traffic organically takes time. A great piece of content will be an asset for your business that keeps growing. As long as the content is fresh and up to date, this asset will keep growing.

    Build a Content Library

    A content marketing service can be a great tool to reach out to new target audiences. If you produce an amazing piece of content, people from your target audience will look at it. You will then have eyes on your website, products and/or services.

    Build your domain authority organically

    Domain authority is a measure of the websites that are back linking to your website. Building domain authority takes time and is very beneficial. The authority of the domain is one of the most important SEO factors. Having a high domain authority is like a trust score with Google. The benefits of having a high domain authority score are that Google will trust your content. Trusted content will rank higher than someone with a lower domain authority score.

    Build Loyalty, Trust, and Domain Authority

    Having great content to read brings people back to your website. This builds a loyal readership that has a recurring monthly viewership. Providing high quality content that is free and better than any other content. Content that provides insights on the subject will build trust for your brand. Finally, the authority of your website will increase over time. Domain authority and backlinks are 2 of the most important aspects of SEO.

    Key factors our content marketing helps.

    Organic Search Traffic

    Organic search traffic is traffic directed to your website from Google. This is first page traffic that is not an ad but on the first page based on merrit. Paid advertising can allow you to appear in the ads section of the Google search results. Content that appears on the first page of Google and is not an ad is there because it is the best resource for that user . When searching Google people click on Organic results more than ad results. This is because they trust the organic results more than the paid advertising.

    Keyword Rankings

    Each of our pieces of content targets a specific “keyword”. A keyword is a search term that someone types into Google. We identify keyword opportunities using data directly from Google. Once identified we produce the perfect piece of content based on the keyword. From there, we assess the ranking on google and make updates as and when needed.

    Backlink Volume

    Backlink volume has and always will be a main ranking factor with Google. Having high authority websites linking to your content improves your domain authority score. We outreach content on your behalf to high authority websites. We do this to promote your content and gain backlinks from these websites. This process of link building is one of the biggest factors in your domain authority score.

    Content Marketing Service - Strategy & Planning

    Content marketing strategy defined

    A content marketing strategy is a plan put forward by your content marketing agency. To grow your library of content and organic traffic the plan should be unique to your website and niche.

    Our Content Marketing Service Plans

    We tailor make our content marketing plans for each of our customers. We ask you what your goals are, and we look at the competition in your niche. After doing extensive competitor research. We determine the best type and frequency of content to compete with the competition.

    Do you need a content marketing strategy? ​

    Content is the main reason people go on the internet and search. Creating a content marketing strategy lays out the plan for you to grow your website.

    Content marketing services: Our process

    We have refined our content marketing process over the years. Our content marketing strategies focus on growth for both traffic and domain authority


    Content Strategy

    Our first step in the process is to discover who your competitors are. We then look at what SEO tactics they are using on their own websites. The last step is to build a custom strategy for you to compete with the competition in your chosen niche.

    Personalized strategies

    Our strategies are personalized to your niche and target audience. Business comes in all shapes and sizes. Our strategies reflect this with a customized personal plan for your growth.

    Dedicated account managers

    Our account managers are highly skilled SEO consultants. We use dedicated account managers for every client. We do this to ensure you get the best possible customer service. Your account manager will answer any questions about your content or reports.


    Content Creation

    The most important step in our content marketing process is to create the content. We do this by always trying to produce the best piece of content.

    Content format types

    We produce content in a variety of different formats. Everything from how to guides to product descriptions and blog posts. We also produce custom image content including infographics and custom branded graphic. How we choose a format type is based on the search intent of the user. The search intent is the underlying reason why someone is searching. For example if I search for “map of the UK”. I want to see an image rather than a piece of text describing what a map of the UK looks like.

    Specialized content writers

    We use specialized content writers to produce the highest quality content. This content creates a high quality user experience whilst also informing the readers. Our content writers work to exact specifications set out in the strategy. We know exactly what pieces of content to send to the writers to get the highest ROI.

    Graphics & Asset Design

    Infographics are large images that explain information to its viewers. These Infographics are usually displayed in a fun and informative way. If an infographic is high quality and has desirable information, then it tends to get shared a lot online. Each share or backlink of an infographic can increase your domain authority. This in turn increase your chances of ranking for your target keywords.

    Original Imagery

    Content ranks for a variety of reasons, one important factor is the uniqueness of the article. Using unique content and unique imagery will boost your chances of ranking.

    Blog Content Creation

    Creating a blog section on your website is a great way to display your content library. Having regular content produced shows that you are an active business. This then inturn lets customers know that you are paying attention to your industry.


    Content Optimization

    Producing great quality content is a top priority. Before being published it needs optimised to rank on Google. Optimization is achieved by looking at several factors in the content . For example, keyword usage and keyword count amongst others. Each factor contributes to the SEO ranking of the page.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is the process of optimising your website and its content to better rank on Google. There is a range of tools we use to ensure every aspect of your website is optimised. This ensures the website preforms at optimal levels to rank higher. All out content goes through an on page optimization process that we have refined over the years. This process gives each content the best chance of ranking on Google for the target keyword.

    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that the website meets guidelines set by Google. These guidelines include, site speed, accessibility, site performance and best practices. We do a technical audit monthly on all our clients websites. Doing this ensures they are performing at peak performance levels.


    Content Promotion

    Producing fantastic content will not get anywhere without proper promotion. Our outreach team specializes in promoting content. We outreach to websites that backlink to websites just like yours. We research each website to make sure its the best fit for you and them.

    Full Service Email Marketing

    Our outreach team is a full service email marketing team. Our email marketing process is to identify target websites. We then research them to get contact details and finally outreach and follow up on any reply emails.


    Repeat Content Updates

    The content we put online is reviewed regularly. This is to ensure it is both up to date and informative based on the target keywords. With this, we can establish its efficiency in keyword rankings and page views. Updating an old piece of content with fresh information is a great way to make sure you stay high on the rankings. This shows Google that you take care of your library and an article written by you has trust and authority.

    Full Service Email Marketing

    As discussed above, content should needs updated to keep it informative and up-to-date. This content should also go under maintenance if it has any special elements. Special elements could be any type of custom code located in the content or on the website. Third party software in the content should be checked on a regular basis. Doing this ensures everything is work, especially after main website updates and upgrades.


    SEO Reporting

    We provide monthly reports to all our content marketing service clients. These reports that take information directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We combine all the information into one easy to understand page. This page tracks your analytics and which keywords you are currently ranking for. The report also shows which position you are currently holding. Using this report allows you to track the progress of our content marketing services.

    Content Marketing Agency FAQs

    1. What is a content marketing agency?

    A content marketing agency will grow your traffic and rankings month after month. They do this by identifying content assets to create, promote and update.

    2. What products and services do content marketing agencies provide?

    Services that a content marketing agency should offer are all based around content. Content creation, content promotion, content updates and research.

    3. What to look for in a content marketing agency

    Look for case studies and Google Reviews of their content marketing previous clients. How fast do they respond to submitting a proposal on content marketing services ?

    4. What can a content marketing agency do for you?

    A content marketing agency will work with you to understand your goals for your website. They will then go through their process for growing your website traffic.