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Website Maintenance Costs Explained + 5 examples of what can go wrong.

You may be asking yourself what is web maintenance and what is the website maintenance cost for my business?

Website maintenance is the act of maintaining your website. Maintaining the website to not only keep it online and running 24/7 but also to make sure that it is performing at optimal levels at all times.

we use tools like Google Search Console to make sure there are no issues.

Why Is It Important to Do Regular Website Maintenance?

Just like car maintenance cost website maintenance cost is an essential part of keeping you going.


Vulnerability Protection.

Your website is not one piece of software. Websites are made up of lots of different components, technologies, plugins and services. These website parts are not perfect and over time hackers will find flaws and vulnerabilities in the software which they can exploit for their benefit. Keeping all these individual parts of the website up to date is a priority for the overall security of the website.

Protection of your brand.

As mentioned in the previous point hackers do over time find flaws and vulnerabilities in websites and affiliate software. Your website is your connection with your online customer base. This online presence we create for you will be up and running 24/7 as we monitor and maintain all of our client websites. If the worst case scenario happens and you do get hacked we can have you up and running within 1 hour of it being reported. Getting you back online fast using our regular maintained backups ensures that your online audience has no negative experience when interacting with your brand online.

User experience.

Your customer’s experience should be the top priority for every website. Customers do not like seeing 404 error pages, missing images or broken links. We maintain everything on the site to make sure your customer has the best possible experience.

Search Engine Optimisation.

IF you have a custom SEO maintenance contract with us then we will track and maintain keywords and your competitor’s actions. Maintaining your SEO is a combination of updating old content that is doing well and checking on what your competitors are doing.

Please note we do not offer SEO for some types of industries so please contact us to find out if we can help you out with your SEO for your small company.

Cost savings.

Just like a poorly maintained car is at risk of a total breakdown incurring unexpected costs.A poorly maintained website is exactly the same. We take regular backups of your website to make sure that in case anything does go wrong we can have you up and running in no time.

What is the website framework and why does it need updating?

The website framework is the technology that the website runs on, much like an operating system. All GT Webs websites are made in WordPress.

WordPress operates around a third of the internet’s websites and is Googles most preferred website software.

WordPress updates regularly and it is important to keep your installation updated. As vulnerabilities get discovered over time, each new update patches and fixes faults and issues reported.

What Website Maintenance cost Options do you have for your small business?

Hire an employee in-house.

You could hire an employee to manage your website maintenance. This is an option that would be the preferred option for a lot of companies. However, many companies do not have the budget to hire another employee. GT Web acts as a bolt on an employee that you contact via email or telephone when anything goes wrong or you need something fixed.

Hire remote freelancers.

You could use websites like upwork.com to hire remote freelancers that can work on your website from a different country. This option, however, requires a lot of work to interview and hire the best freelancers for the job. Also, working in different countries can sometimes have a time zone and language barrier that will need to be worked out. Here at GT Web, we speak your language, and we are on call when you need us.

Hire a web maintenance company.

GT WEB is a website building, hosting, marketing and maintenance company. We let you concentrate your time on your core business and work autonomously in the background ready to help whenever you need us.

Do it yourself.

You could spend time and effort learning about website frameworks, website software, vulnerabilities and security measures online. This depending on your IT competence level will take a varying amount of time. GT WEB again makes life easy by doing it all for you.

Benefits of a monthly maintenance package with GT WEB

Peace of mind

The number one reason why our clients choose to use our services is the peace of mind they get. There are lots of things to think about when running a successful small business, your website should not be one of them. GT WEB makes running your website as easy as it possibly could be. We keep your website up and running 24/7 making sure it is performing at its optimal level at all times.

Brand Protection.

Online customers make their opinion about a brand within 5 seconds of viewing the home page of the companies’ website. If your website is receiving traffic then having your website offline for a few minutes to hours can have a serious impact on your brand reputation.

Staying up-to-date.

Everyone knows technology changes so fast. Your website framework and the components and plugins that make up your website all need updating over time. When you hire a website maintenance company such as GT WEB you don’t even need to be aware of any changes. With GT WEB you can focus your attention on your core business.

Avoid losing revenue.

Do you plan on having an online store and accepting payments via credit cards ?.

What if the software that handled your card payments had an update and you didn’t know about it ?. You could potentially be losing out on orders. We make sure all e-commerce and affiliate software is up to date and protected from vulnerabilities.

Focus on your core business.

Having a properly designed and maintained website that conforms to the up to date security protocols as well as the current Google policies can be a headache.

It is even more of a headache when you have to run your core day to day business.

At GT WEB our core main day to day business is taking care of your online day to day business.


How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost per Month from GT WEB?

We have one client package that includes all of our many amazing features as standard. Our package costs £349.99 setup costs and £19.99 maintenance cost per month.

Domain renewal costs

A part of our client subscription charge is the domain that you registered with us for free at sign up. This can be any .co.uk or .com domain that is not a high-value domain. Domains must be renewed every year otherwise they can be auctioned off if the renewal is not met. At GT WEB we automatically renew your domain for you.

Hosting services costs

Every website needs a hosting service to be online. The hosting service is a physical server that is connected to the internet. This server holds your website and displays it to the internet. This server has a monthly cost from the hosting provider.


We can provide you with up to 5 personalised emails for example yourname@yourwebsite.com. You will be able to send and receive emails in a more professional manner.

Update Cost.

Your webmaster will go through your website regularly updating software and checking procedures for you. This ensures that your website remains functional and optimised.


Paying our client subscription fee for website maintenance also gives you access to our webmaster facility. This is your own personal contact within GT WEB that will work on your site fixing and adjusting anything you need to be done. We like to think of our webmasters as your bolt of the IT department.

What are some examples of website maintenance work and the results?

What we include as standard for our website maintenance process :

  • Regularly take backups of your website
  • Site operating system updates
  • Error corrections
  • Google Policies Monitor
  • Patching
  • Maintaining Security Protocol
  • Making sure the website is responsive to the latest standards and devices.

Basically keeping your website safe and up and running 24/7

Page speed.

Page speed can be a big factor in your user experience and also in your Google listings. Your customers don’t want a slow site and google knows this. Your site if not properly maintained could lose rankings in Google.

Website framework updates.

WordPress is the website framework that all GT WEB website run from. This framework recently went through a major overhaul and some website had to be completely remade using new technology and procedures. Ensuring that your website framework is up to date ensures that your website is running on the safest possible platform.

Content updates.

Updating content can be done within our SEO packages. Content updates require analysis of what pieces of content are working best on your website. We at GT WEB then go in and update content add sections and generally expand on high performing content in order to gain more conversions.

Product updates.

We teach our clients on how to add, remove and change their products on their e-commerce stores. If you, however, have difficulty contact us, and we can make minor changes for you.

Website plugin updates.

Your components and plugins of your website are not built perfect, no software is. Over time conflicts with other software and plugins can occur and vulnerabilities can occur. Updating plugins and software is as if not more important than updating the framework of your website.

GT WEB a UK-based website design and maintenance company.


We are based in Scotland in the UK, happy to have a chat via phone, email or even in person if you are close enough. We offer website design, development, hosting, maintenance and local business SEO & paid ad campaigns.

Reach out to us on social media our main channels are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


As well as all the amazing features and benefits you get by using GT WEB to maintain your website. We also offer support to our clients who want to learn how to be more independent with their website.

We can make customised screencast videos that show you step by step how to edit parts of the website that you want to edit. This, however, is optional as we do not ask our clients to learn anything they do not want to as our core business is looking after your website.

Bonus Content: 5 nightmare examples of what can go wrong.

  1. 404 errors: These are dead ends for your customer and also for Google. A poorly maintained website can have dead links. Links that might have been active at one point but no longer are. When your customer is on your website and clicks one of these links it provides a horrible user experience
  2. An easy way in for the hackers: A poorly maintained website using components with known vulnerabilities leaves your website exposed. Hackers can hijack your website and do whatever they want with it.
  3. Falling way down the Google rankings: A poorly maintained slow website with out of date content and software will be recognised by Google. Google wants fast websites with fresh rich content.
  4. Your checkout page stops working: if you do not maintain your website software operating your checkout procedure could stop working and unless your customers inform you about this you will never know. Your website could look OK but be frozen on the back end.
  5. Lose revenue: potential clients or customers coming to your website and seeing out of date information, slow performance and lots of broken links are terrible for your companies reputation.

Avoid all of these potential nightmare scenarios and have a look at our web design packages for small companies and get the peace of mind that our clients have.