One Page Website Design 2018

one page website

The advantages of a one page website design.


One page website design has an advantage in that it is better for mobile users. The amount of mobile users that will be browsing your website should be around half . So it is worth taking note that 50% of your client base could have a better or smoother experience browsing your website using a one page website design.

One page websites don't need to be endless scrolling down. One page designs can be quite short actually with 2 or 3 sections for content. What we always try and do here at GTWeb is to put a contact form at the bottom of each page and also a link to the form in the menu.

One of our one page designs was this page :


Costs of One Page Websites


Our one page websites cost £85 ($110 ) to setup & £10 ($15) / month hosting costs.

We can add an extra page or 2 if you want for free, one popular page to add is an Instagram feed as a "gallery" page check our own Instagram feed here.

View more of our websites and read about there stories in our website case studies page.


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