Photoshop to WordPress Web Development

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PSD to WordPress Custom Responsive Themes.

We make your idea and designs for a website come to life.

Web designers will often design a website for you using Photoshop. You will then essentially get a fantastic picture of a website.

Psd, pdf or ai files are essentially pictures.

Our job is to turn that picture into a functional website. We make it look great on different devices i.e. desktop, mobile & tablet.

Our latest website that we have turned from a picture into a website is this one :

The website above  if you check from different devices looks completely different. This is called a responsive design. The design changes when you tilt your phone because it responds to the change in screen size.

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psd to wordpress price


This really all depends on the style of the design and also how complex they are. We usually take 2 hours to turn your designs into a website. Our hourly rate is £20/hr. See our other website development costs here.

How do you convert a PSD file into a WordPress website?


There are terrible ways to convert your designs into a WordPress website. I have seen developers who make it so once the design has been converted it is near impossible to change anything.

We manually change your psd to WordPress and convert the designs into an easy drag and drop interface.

There is no easy way to change a psd into a drag and drop interface. The only way to get it right is to do it manually.




If you don't want a WordPress site and you just want a PSD converted into HTML. We would be happy to do that for you as well. Contact Us to get the ball rolling.

Desktop Version

photoshop to wordpress

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

photoshop to wordpress

Mobile Version

Got an Idea of how You Want The Website to Look ?


Draw Us a Sketch!

Clients Drawing

photoshop to wordpress , drawing to wordpress

Mobile View of Website

photoshop to wordpress

So Get In Touch!


We can design your website exactly the way you want it from either a sketch on paper or a design from a web designer, we do it quickly and at tremendous value for money so please contact us to get the ball rolling. See our costs involved for our web development services here

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