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What is SEO for small business?

SEO for small business is the act of optimising a business website to rank higher in google.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation.

This is the act of optimising the content on your website to rank higher on search engines.

There are actually two types of SEO, organic and paid. 

Organic traffic takes longer to put in place to get you ranking high in Google.

Although Organic takes longer. Once it is working you will be getting traffic with no day to day effort.

Paid ads have a fast return but need constant a constant money supply in order for them to work.

Although there is a constant need for money with paid ads.You can get traffic to your site faster.

So if lead generation is a necessity then paid ads are the way to go.



What is Traffic?

Traffic means the number of people visiting your website, the more the better.

If you have lots of visitors to your website, then your traffic is HIGH.

If you don’t have a lot of visitors your traffic is low.

Everyone wants lots of traffic, the way you get the traffic is up to you.

Organic traffic.

Organic traffic can take longer but will get you better results in the long-term.

Organic traffic consists of creating captivating content.

Share this content to as many people as as possible on social networks.

This content should be so good that other website link back to your website.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic is a lot faster than organic traffic and can see results with very quick.

Paid traffic can take many forms.

Newspaper, radio, direct mail, facebook ads, google ads e.t.c. these are all examples of paid advertising mediums.

Paid vs Organic, which is best??

Easy it’s easy, both!.

Although the question above depends on the type of business you are in and your budget. 


Paid is good for fast results but needs a constant supply of money.

Organic is great because once it starts working for you it does not need a constant supply of money.

We recommend to always have some form of content creation on your website.

If you need to make conversion straight away then paid advertising is the best option.

If you are looking to bring in more traffic use every source available!.



How do I know if the SEO for small business I am doing is working?

Want to know how we track how much traffic you are getting to your website?

We use Google Analytics, this is by far the most comprehensive way to analyse visitors to your site.

We install a little bit code that Google gives us onto your website.

This little code acts like a beacon so that Google knows which website to link to your Google account.

I am a local business do I need SEO?

Yes! SEO is an important part of getting you found online.

People look for you online even if they’re in the same town.

Google is the first point of call for most people.


What is the one thing all local small businesses should do for SEO?

Google My Business is by far the best and quickest way to improve your companies SEO.

All you need to do is register on Google My Business.

Type in all the details of your company including address

Request for a postcard.

Wait a few days and receive a postcard from Google with a security code in it.

Enter the security code into Google My Business.

Within minutes you are visible on Google Maps and able to receive Google Reviews.

What are the factors of GOOD SEO for small business?

Google has around 200 different factors on which it uses to rank websites.

Companies wishing to make the most of SEO must adhere to as many of these factors as possible.


Content is kind as the say and is one of the most important components of SEO.

Google loves fresh new content that is up to date.

Content must be natural and not littered with keywords that feel placed into text.


Backlinks are websites that link back to your site.

Google uses this metric as well as a few others to decide how important a website is.

The more backlinks you have to your site the better.

Backlinks should also be relevant to your industry.

Meta title and description

Titles and descriptions are one of the most basic SEO task but still are very important.

Meta titles and descriptions are what you see when you search Google and look at the listings.

Your meta titles and descriptions should include relevant keywords to your industry.

Look at your competitors

Competitive research is a key part of SEO.

Researching your competitors allows you to see what they are doing.

Check what keywords they are using and what SEO strategies they are implementing.

Google my business.

Google my business puts your company on the map.

You can achieve the first page of Google pretty quick if you’re a local business.

All you need to do is register with Google my business.

The process takes around 7 days.

Once registered you can start collecting reviews from your customers.

Reviews will add more credibility to your website.

Page speed.

Another important SEO Factor is site and page speed.

There are tools like Google Page Insights that can help you test your website speed.

Website speed is important because it relates to the user experience.

Slower website = bad user experience.

SSL Certificate

Everyone by now should have an https:// in front of their domain name.

Sites that still have the prefix http:// without the s show low security on the website.

Google will be phasing these sites out of the search results as much as possible.

If you would like an SSL certificate there is a yearly cost depending on the level of certificate you need.

Please contact us to find out more.

Broken links.

These are links that no longer work anymore.

There are internal broken links and external broken links.

When a user stumbles across a broken link and there is no custom 404 page it can be horrible user experience.

Bad user experience increases the bounce rate on your website.

Websites with high bounce rates don’t rank well on Google.


Our TOP 10 FREE Tools for SEO for small business

Here is our list of the TOP 10 tools to help you in your SEO efforts for your small business.

These tools are not in any order as they serve completely different purposes.

The purpose of this list is to show the TOP 10 tools you should be using for your small business SEO.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free suite of tools that anyone with a Google account can use free of charge.

The great thing about the Google Docs tool is that they are online and operate in the cloud.

This means on Google Docs you can start a sentence in your home. Then pull your phone out in a taxi and finish that same sentence.

The document you type into saves every time you type a character.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a fantastic online spreadsheet solution for you and your colleagues.

With Google Sheets you can invite other team members to collaborate with you on the same sheet.

Great for sales teams and projects big and small.


SEM RUSH is a fantastic tool for performing competitor analysis.

You can also find out where you rank in Google for certain keywords.

They have premium packages to get more features. 

Yet, the free package allows you to do some great SEO analysis by its self..

You can add up to 20 competitors and track 10 keywords on the free package.

This allows you to see how you are competing with your competitors.

You can compare things like rankings and keywords.


Ubersuggest is a fantastic tool by Neil Patel.

Neil is one of the most experienced online marketers out there.

The great thing about Ubersuggest is it can do so much.

You can do things like check keyword difficulty and keyword metrics.

You could also look for content ideas for your next blog post.

Hemmingway App

Hemmingway app is a grammar, punctuation and complex text fixer.

We are not all born with the ability to write great blog posts. At least with tools like Hemmingway app you can start to learn what flags up issues.

Hemmingway lets you know if a sentence is hard to read or instances where a different word would be better.


Grammarly like the Hemmingway app is a grammar and punctuation tool.

We use the chrome extension to sit on our browser and alert us of any spelling mistakes.

There is no need to remember to check the spelling at the end of writing something.


WordPress is the software that runs our websites.

Roughly a third of the whole internet’s websites are using WordPress

WordPress is easy to use and Google has said that they prefer to list websites built using WordPress.

WordPress its self is free, you can get your own WordPress website for free at

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin which sits on your WordPress website.

The free version of this plugin shows you how readable your content is.

The plugin also shows you how good your SEO content is.

Yoast SEO uses a traffic light system of Green, Amber and Red. Green being best and Red being the worst.

The plugin will offer hints and tips on how to improve both the readability and the SEO. is a resource for images.

The images on FreePik are all free to use on your website as they do not have any copyright issues.

High quality images are a necessity to any website that wants to look professional.

The images on your web page should include the keyword you are targeting in the alt descriptions.

Flaticon is another free resource for images.

These images are all icons which are great for adding extra detail into lists and headings.

These icons should all have the target keyword in their alt descriptions.

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How can gtweb help you with SEO for small business?

Gtweb specialises and building, hosting, maintaining and marketing websites for small businesses.

As part of our client package, we perform basic SEO tasks.

This basic SEO includes title and meta tags as well as Google my business listings.

To make a tailor-made SEO for small business plan we will need to consult with our customers on a 1 on 1 basis.

If you want a free quote for your SEO needs then please contact us.