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What is SEO in the UK?

SEO in the UK is the same as SEO anywhere else in the world. Search Engine Optimisation is the act of optimising your online content for the best chance of ranking high on Google.

We help you do this by producing fantastic SEO content and work with you to find the best overall strategy to market your business online.

search engine optimization services in UK

We have a full range of SEO services in the UK. We are based in Scotland, UK if you are unsure which services you need please talk to us to find out more.

Content Marketing

We build content assets for your business that have a high ROI. These content assets are completely unique to your company and will grow your sites traffic in an organic way

Competitive Analysis in SEO

Competitors of your online business can be a great source of information for you to use in your own favour. We track keyword positions and analyse your competition

SEO Consultant

Our SEO consultants will offer a free SEO consultation by email or by telephone. Our consultants will form a plan of action to improve your websites online traffic and conversions.

SEO Audits

We use a variety of tools and software to test your website and the SEO of your website. We offer free SEO audits and recommendations or fixed cost fixes.

Copywriting Service

From sales copy to paid ad text copy. Our copywriters can improve on or write new material to help you with conversions on your products or services.

On-Site Optimisation

Knowing which keywords to target and which pages to put these keywords on can be a challenge. We optimise each one of your pages for the best chance of ranking on Google.

Keyword Research & Tracking

Each niche and business category is different and has its own unique keywords of value. We find out what keywords are most valuable to you and track their positions over time.

links building services

One major ranking factor for Google is other websites linking to your website. We produce amazing content that produces organic links from websites that love your content.

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Strategies for Success from an SEO Agency in the UK

We use proven strategies for success and always adhere to Googles guidelines when offering SEO services. We will never promise to get you on page 1 unless we are 100% sure that we can deliver.

seo services in uk, strategy
seo services in uk, consultant

Benefits of Working with a UK SEO Company

One of the main benfits of working with GT Web an SEO agency in the UK is that you can concentrate on your core business. SEO and online marketing is our core business and we have help many UK based business with their SEO and PPC campaigns

agency for digital marketing

We are a content marketing agency in the UK. We produce written content, video and images. Whatever the niche or topic needs we will produce. Our goal is always to produce the best, most helpful piece of content for the end reader no matter what the media type of niche.

seo services in uk, content
seo services in uk, roi

Delivering ROI Focused SEO Services

The content we produce becomes valuable keyword assets that grow over time. These assets are paid for once but will keep paying you back over time for years to come.

Not Just A UK SEO Company

As well as our core business of SEO services in the UK we offer web development and PPC ad management services as well.

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Growing your business with high-quality, organic traffic that converts

We produce high-quality unique content assets for your business. These content assets grow over time and produce traffic to your website with no input.



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These guys have been brilliant at helping us adapt our music lessons to online and creating promotional videos etc. Very professional and always come back to you in good time…

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