CASE STUDY: Lands Woodcraft Bespoke

Client Name:

Lands Woodcraft Bespoke Ltd

Website Type:

e-commerce, blog

The Scope

Lands Woodcraft Bespoke make beautiful bespoke wooden toy boxes. When I met the client through a chance encounter I discovered the business and loved their work. They had no website before our meeting so we started building and marketing the site from scratch.

Fully Responsive Design


1 Week Build Time


Huge Increase In Sales


Brand new customer base


Instagram Integration, client operates this whole website through their mobile phone



This website is fantastic for anyone that wants to make handmade products to sell online and then tell the world about these products using blogs and images of their latest creations.


The website is completely automated, when the client is finished in his workshop he takes out his mobile phone and takes a picture on Instagram which in-turn gets uploaded directly to the workshop gallery on the website.


The e-commerce side of the business is also automated, the client gets alerted by email when someone has purchased a product with a list of contact details and custom instructions for the purchase.


Before building the website the client was 100% word of mouth, now with our help the website sales makes up 90% of their business alone.




Let us help you achieve the same success as above

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